• Question: Would your field of research come across as boring to a teenager? Would a teenager be interested?

    Asked by jooswrld69 to Tom, Rachel, Priya, Jessica, Dan, Beatrice on 10 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Priya Silverstein

      Priya Silverstein answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I don’t think it would be boring to a teenager! Everyone remembers what it was like to be a kid, so I think my research is relatable to most people. And most people find playing with Lego fun!

    • Photo: Beatrice Hayes

      Beatrice Hayes answered on 11 Mar 2020:

      You’re the best judge of that!! I don’t think so. Seeing as I research about social media and the internet, I think it’s very topical and relevant to teens.

    • Photo: Jessica Pope

      Jessica Pope answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      I don’t think so, because my research is looking at the experiences of teenagers. So hopefully they’d find it interesting.