• Question: What has your biggest achievement in your field been?

    Asked by Keiralawrence to Tom, Rachel, Priya, Jessica, Dan, Beatrice on 9 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Priya Silverstein

      Priya Silverstein answered on 9 Mar 2020:

      In developmental psychology, I think one of the biggest achievements recently has been the “ManyBabies” project. This was where over 2000 babies all over the world took part in the same study. It was super cool, and allowed researchers to really look at how small differences between labs could have an impact on results, and debunk a lot of myths about testing babies (e.g. that researchers with beards scare them – not true!)

    • Photo: Beatrice Hayes

      Beatrice Hayes answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      So far I would say collecting all of my data myself. I have met over 2000 children and teenagers and also did interviews with 45 children, parents and teachers. It was such a huge workload but I am really proud that I did all of it myself.

    • Photo: Tom Gallagher-Mitchell

      Tom Gallagher-Mitchell answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I think one of my proudest moments has been settting up a new open-science collaborative research network, which is a space where we can conduct studies across multiple labs in different countries and contexts to look at similarities and differences. This group is focused on the home environment and how parents can support numeracy development, so we are stepping outside the lab into people’s homes to conduct this work, and therefore have a responsibility to communicate the findings back to them in an accessible way (e.g. through blogs, website, videos etc).