• Question: Is psychology in your opinion a required subject that all should learn or not

    Asked by Johnny Sins to Tom, Rachel, Priya, Jessica, Dan, Beatrice on 10 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Priya Silverstein

      Priya Silverstein answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I would love if psychology was taught to everyone! But I don’t think it’s necessarily the most important thing for everyone to learn. BUT, one of the most important skills to being any kind of scientist, critical thinking, should be taught to all kids of all ages in my opinion.

    • Photo: Dan O'Hare

      Dan O'Hare answered on 11 Mar 2020:

      Hmmm good question. I think that everyone is a bit of a natural psychologist…we’re all trying to work out why things are happening, all the time. We all have ideas about what’s going on in the world and how to change things around us.

      I would agree with Priya though about different skills – teaching problem identification skills, information gathering skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills would be great!

    • Photo: Beatrice Hayes

      Beatrice Hayes answered on 15 Mar 2020:

      I do think it is very relevant and links to lots of other subjects in many ways. It’s so interesting learning and humans’ thoughts and behaviours. I think it would be great to have it as a required subject! Then again, I’m pretty sure anyone who loves a particular subject would argue something similar!