The third Psychologist evicted is…

No one, it’s a TIE AGAIN!

There were no Psychologists evicted today! Which means, ALL the Psychologists will be in the final!

What would they do with the money if they won?

Tom would: put on a research showcase for parents and children by the Childlab at Liverpool Hope
Rachel would: fund some training for key school staff who want to know more about early childhood trauma and adverse experiences in the early years of life
Priya would: arrange an outdoor stall in Guildford town centre where families can play different games based on the tasks we use in our research
Jessica would: do a big event for teenagers who have had cancer, to talk about how we can make their experiences when they leave treatment better, and also spend some of it going to schools, to encourage girls to follow a career in Maths and Science
Dan would like your ideas for how to spend the prize money!
Beatrice would: run a research project with a group of children as my main scientists!

You get a one final vote tomorrow, so make sure to VOTE for your favourite to WIN. Join TONIGHT’S live CHAT for another chance to ask the Psychologists your questions!

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